About Us

Lokic Energy Solutions is a Clean Energy Council certified Renewable Energy business specialising in commercial and residential solar and energy storage solutions.

The Lokic Family has over 45 years in the electrical contracting business. Located in Sydney NSW, we are a locally owned and operated business with a focus on transitioning Australia towards a 100% Renewable Energy Target.

With a passion for innovation and a focus on quality we aim to provide our clients specialised tailored advice. Each system is individually designed to meet your energy needs. Our experts control each step in the process from design to after sales services allowing you peace of mind throughout the process.
Free Consultation

FREE onsite consultation, with estimation of usage needs and potential savings.

Individual Design

Our expert consultants will custom design your system to optimise power generation for the best outcomes.

Leading Technology

We have hand picked the products that we use, to ensure reliability, quality, assurance and cutting edge technology.

We will facilitate

Government Grants

Small Scale Technology Credits (STC) are issued from the government when you install a solar system. These credits are an incentive for clients to add renewable capacity to the electrical grid.

STC are calculated on the size of your system, installation address but not the price. Simply put, the larger the system the larger the rebate.

When you purchase a system with Lokic Energy Solutions Pty Ltd we deduct the STC from the upfront cost. This ensures you maximise saving.

Upon installation of your system, credits are signed over to the installer. We then complete the registration and wait to be reimbursed. So this means, you receive the financial savings immediately

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Reduce Electricity Bills
Self Sufficiency