About Solar

Why solar?

Slash your rising electricity bill and mitigate the risk of future price rise

Export excess power generated to the grid and receive credit

Rest easy with product warranties up to 25 years

Take pride in knowing your electricity is supplied from the sun and not dirty coal

Return on Investment

Typical payback period for a solar installation is 3-5 years leaving you to enjoy decades of free solar power

Take advantage of limited time generous Government Rebates (STC)

How does solar work?

The Sun provides endless energy to the earth in the form of sunlight, we call this irradiance. This energy primarily is made up of heat and light. When light strikes the Photovoltaic cell (PV Panel) the energy reacts with the silicon cell causing the electron to break free and create an electrical current.
When we create the energy during the day it is used immediately in the household. While, any excess power, which is not required, is exported back to the grid. Traditionally this meant that regardless of the systems size, when the sun wasn’t shining, you had to buy electricity from the grid.
But, we are now entering a new era of home energy use. With the installation of a Grid-connected Battery System we can utilise excess power created during the day to charge up our battery systems and allowing you to use power when, and how you decide.