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A picture of solar panels installed on a flat roof by Lokic Energy Solutions

Residential & Commercial Solar

Our team of Qualified Accredited CEC Designers will meet onsite for a Free Consultation. They will review your energy usage, roof orientation, roof pitch, shading of surrounding structures, load requirements and the condition of your electrical switchboard. This assessment will ensure the system is tailored to match your energy needs.

Battery Storage

The team will provide a real Return On Investment (ROI) calculation. Using specialised software we can calculate the output of your system to accurately estimate the payback period on your investment.

A picture of a Tesla Power wall - a product supplied by Lokic Energy Solutions.
An electric car being charged.

Electric Vehicle Charging

It’s predicted that Electric Vehicles (EV) will make up 8% of all new vehicle sales in Australia by 2025. Equally over 100,000 new EVs each year, that will be added to the network. Lokic Energy Solutions is proud to be apart of the revolution, helping create the national charging network. We offer solutions for residential, commercial and apartment charging stations. Contact us today to explore your EV charging Future

Solar Auditing

One in five rooftop solar systems are faulty in Australia, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. This suggests that you have a 20% chance of having a faulty system installed on your roof. Only 1.2% of all rooftop solar systems in Australia have been inspected by the regulator to assess if they are to the national standard. Contact Lokic Energy Solutions for an inspection and maintenance of existing solar and battery systems. We provide a detailed report outlining issues and solutions to rectifying these problems.

Nick Lokic from Lokic Energy Solutions completing a solar audit.

Free Onsite Consultations

Our experts will meet you to discuss your needs, options and potential savings. All you need to have ready is a recent energy bill to calculate usage.

Solar panels on a residential property as installed by Lokic Energy Solutions.
Solar panels on a residential property as installed by Lokic Energy Solutions.