About Us

Our Accreditation

We’re proud to hold the ‘Designer’ and ‘Installer’ accreditation from the Clean Energy Council. 

The Clean Energy Council accredits individuals in the design and installation of solar and battery energy storage systems. By choosing an accredited installer, customers can feel confident that their system will be safely installed by a qualified professional.

Our Background

Nick Lokic from Lokic Energy Solutions working on a commercial roof installing a solar solution

Lokic Energy Solutions is a Clean Energy Council certified renewable energy business specialising in commercial and residential solar and energy storage solutions.

Located in Sydney NSW, we are a locally owned and operated business with a focus on transitioning Australia towards a 100% Renewable Energy Target.

With a passion for innovation and a focus on quality we aim to provide our clients specialised tailored advice. Each system is individually designed to meet your energy needs. Our experts control each step in the process from design to after sales services allowing you peace of mind throughout the process.

Nicholas Lokic began his journey into the electrical industry while working with his father’s electrical contracting company in 2008. This beginning cemented the importance of customer satisfaction and reinforced accountability in the profession.

Following completion of his apprenticeship Nicholas moved to Vancouver, Canada to expand his electrical knowledge and experience. He developed valuable skills while working abroad, through engaging with numerous stakeholders to complete commercial projects of a varying sizes.

Following this Nicholas returned to Sydney, Australia and begun working on some of the largest projects in the area. Including Bangaroo, The International Convention Centre, East village and The University of Sydney. During this time, he completed an Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering and was introduced to the world of Renewable Energy. This created the desire to learn about Solar and encouraged Nicholas to work on small and large-scale solar projects around Sydney.

However, after working in the industry Nicholas found the level of customer service and client engagement lacking. Drawing from his family’s Electrical contracting background which operated for over 45 years, Nicholas created the framework for Lokic Energy Solutions. A customer focused company that provides energy solutions for now and the future.

Nick Lokic from Lokic Energy Solutions completing a solar audit.

Residential and Commercial Solar

Our team of Qualified Accredited CEC Designers will meet onsite for a Free Consultation. They will review your energy usage, roof orientation, roof pitch, shading of surrounding structures, load requirements and the condition of your electrical switchboard. This assessment will ensure the system is tailored to match your energy needs.

A picture of solar panels installed on a flat roof by Lokic Energy Solutions